elitemway_Pedometer_1.3.cab Подробности файла:elitemway_Pedometer_1.3.cab

Описание:Программа показывает какую вы прошли дистанцию (кол-во шагов), время и сколько калорий потеряли.

--First, verify and set your preferred setting from the menu item.
--Find the best carrying position with the \"Play step sound\" option on.
--Use the Hide button to save battery.
--You can install on storage card, but it can break the application if you use the storage mode while the Pedometer application is running.

Known Issues:
--Step detection is not accurate sometime. The algorithm needs improvement.
--Hide mode does not prevent from going into sleep mode.
--After changing the setting, you need to close then reopen the application for teh new setting to take effect.
--It only works if the diamond is in the vertical position.

What\'s new v1.3:
--Added battery threshhold setting. The program will pause pedometer, automatically save the current progress and then allow device to go into standby mode based on the Power setting when battery level falls below a certain value.
--Relocate the buttons from the main screen to menu.
--Display battery status on the main screen.
--You can change the background by replacing the default \"Background.jpg\" file.

Сайт автора.
Наличие русского языка: отсутствует

Инсталлер: [CAB-архив]
Требования и х-ка: VGA (480x640), G-Sensor

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Автор Romantick

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